Hello, My name is Tyler.
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I'm a developer.
Here are some of the things I love to work on:

HTML / Javascript / CSS

  • Experienced in implementation of responsive designs and use of progressive enhancement techniques for seamless cross-platform websites and applications
  • SEO optimized HTML markup and tracking implementation
  • JQuery plugin and UI component development
  • XSLT for client-side XML transformations and CMS templates

Flex / AIR / Flash

  • Flex SDK 3 & 4 component and application development
  • Familiar with common MVC and IoC / Dependency Injection Frameworks
  • Experience developing everything from banners to SaaS applications

PHP / MySQL / MongoDB

  • Relational database design and documentation through physical and relational entity relationship diagrams
  • Experience creating restful and stateful PHP services
  • Development of database driven websites
  • NoSQL database usage, including data aggregation through map-reduce

Lola Javascript Framework

I believe that developing the very best web applications requires a deep understanding of how an environment works; especially in the diverse world of client-side browsers. The Lola Javascript Framework began as a way to learn how things worked under the hood, but it quickly evolved into a full-fledged module based framework. The framework is nearly production ready, and documentation is coming soon!Check it out on github:
Lola Javascript Framework

Mainline AS3 Framework

Mainline is an AS3 Framework, that combines the best features of Cairngorm, PureMVC, Swish, and other Flex frameworks. It features fully customizable runtime dependency injection for better code reusability and robust command execution patterns. The Mainline Flex Framework is in use in several production applications and has proven itself to provide robust execution and facilitate easy maintenance. Check it out on github:
Mainline AS3 Framework

Bunbury Festival
Twitter Visualization

Challenged to create a unique interaction for Techbury at the inaugural Bunbury Music Festival, I created a visually immersive realtime visualization of Cincinnati and Bunbury related Tweets. Featuring a PHP/MongoDB backend that a colleague and I developed, the AIR application displayed links between terms in each tweet and revealed evolving trends.

Social Media Engagement Monitor

Developed at Possible Worldwide for ConAgra, the Social Engagement Monitor app leverages Radian6's data aggregation capabilities and services to quickly show social media trends for the company's brands.

P&G Everyday Resolutions

This promotional feature on P&G's everyday solutions site, was created as a JQuery plugin in order to simplify implementation by P&G's development team. The result was a smooth handoff with dramatically fewer iterations to achieve the desired experience. Everyday Resolutions Feature

XMS Video Management Platform

XMS is a robust video and media management system offered by XIF Communications. Dynamic metadata fields based on "Title" type allow end-users to configure the system to better suit their needs. A robust set of playlist features allow for the creation of manual or iTunes style dynamic playlists. This application is used by several major television networks to manage their online media content.

Nuance Facebook Promo

Called "Fingers of Fire" this Facebook game/promo compares user's typing speed with the Nuance's speech to text capabilities.Check it out:
Fingers of Fire
(facebook features disabled)

DNA Origami

Developed for the Wyss institute at Harvard, this application demonstrates DNA origami concepts. Users can drag "staples" onto the DNA "scaffold" in order to create different structures. DNA Origami


Developed with a PHP backend, the site leverages an asynchronous pattern referred to as HIJAX. Javascript enabled clients use XSLT and asynchronous XML to handle link clicks, falling back to server-side transformations that produce an identical DOM structure (and content). Visit GetLegalTV.com

Drees CRM & Sales Tool

Designed for ease-of-use and to facilitate the sales process, the Dream Builder application is a full cycle sales tool that features a flexible workspace that includes CRM, floorplan options, customizations and pricing, and sales agreement generation.

Drees Interactive Floorplans

The Drees Interactive Floorplan Application allows users to view different floorplan variations and to customize their space by adding furniture, outlet and switch placement, and notes. The tool also offers a robust printing feature that lets the user print as much or as little as they would like.Drees Homes Interactive Floorplans

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